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Hummingbird - Metallic Blue & Purple Nose Ring Hoop

This niobium nose hoop features three tiny glass beads for a delicate pop of color. Please expect variation from the beads in the photo - this hoop uses three of the same bead, and each one will have varying amounts of purple/blue on them. 
  • Made out of high quality, Type 2 commercially pure niobium. Nickel-free.
  • Completely smooth ends for comfortable and safe insertion.
  • Each bead is securely wrapped with delicate wire in your choice of metal to keep them in place.
  • You are able to move the beads to a different position on the hoop.
  • Choose the gauge and inner diameter for the perfect fit.
  • Easy to use design that twists to open and close (instructions included with your package).
  • The beads are approximately 2mm.
Sold individually, for healed piercings only.