Current fabrication time: Approx. 4 weeks | Free US shipping on orders over $36 

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My name is Amber, welcome to my shop! Metal Lotus® is currently located in Arizona. I'm the sole maker behind my shop, which means I handle everything - from the product design and photo taking, to handling the customer service inquiries and packaging the orders. My business is built entirely on self-taught skills.

I use raw materials, like wire and metal sheet, to turn my designs in tiny pieces of wearable art. Currently, I work with karat gold, platinum, Argentium silver (nickel-free), and niobium.

All of my designs begin as a whimsical drawing in my sketchbook before being cut out from a piece of sheet metal. Occasionally, I also hand sculpt my designs. All of the design work, cutting, soldering, welding and polishing is done in my own studio. 

I also form every single hoop and make each tiny bezel setting from scratch. My stones are all hand set using a steel punch and a hammer. No glue is ever used.