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Body Jewelry

If you’re wondering what size hoop you should get for your cartilage piercing, then all you need are some simple supplies to take the measurement at home. Keep reading to learn how to find out which diameter hoop you need for your helix...
If you’re going to buy jewelry online, then you need to know which size septum ring you need. There are several important size considerations to keep in mind for septum pieces. 
Niobium makes an excellent metal for body jewelry. Unalloyed niobium is highly biocompatible just like titanium, corrosion resistant, and nickel free. 
If you’re wondering how do you know what size your nose ring is you’re not alone! It’s the most common question I’ve encountered since I started making nose hoops. It has nothing to do with how big or small your nose is. There are three important things to pay attention to if you’re going to buy a nose ring online.
Sterling silver has been the go-to suggestion for earlobe jewelry for decades, and you may be wondering if sterling silver is okay for nose piercings, too. The answer to that depends on how new your piercing is and what type of jewelry wearer you are. 
Having a hard time buying jewelry online for your nose piercing? You’re definitely not alone! If you’ve already accumulated a stash of ill-fitting pieces, then keep reading to see if you can identify why they aren’t as comfortable as you had hoped.