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Body Jewelry

Wearing proper fitting piercing jewelry is super important, especially when it comes to nose hoops. The only way to get a great fit on the first try is to measure, otherwise, you're just going to be stuck wasting money buying different sizes to try on. Measuring isn't difficult, though!

Labret piercing studs can be worn in multiple different piercings – it’s a very versatile piece of body jewelry! Here are some of my favorite uses for labret studs:

Buying nose rings online can be tricky, especially since you can’t touch or see them in person. One really important thing to remember is that the diameter you wear in nose hoops has nothing to do with how big or small your nose is!
If you’ve ever wondered what the sizing means on nose stud listings you’re not alone! Between inner diameter, outer diameter, rise, gauge, and length it’s easy to get confused.
Technically, either bend can be worn on either side of the nose. If you're used to wearing nostril screws that bend a specific direction, then you may find that it feels awkward or difficult to insert the opposite bend direction the first few times you try. 
If you plan on buying your nose jewelry online, then it's very important to know which gauge you wear. Wearing the wrong gauge is not only uncomfortable, but it can cause problems with your piercing.