How To Use Bioflex Backings

Inserting jewelry with a Bioflex push-fit backing into your tragus or helix piercing is easy once you get the hang of it! The most important part of the process is taking your time.

Quick Note: Have a push fit nostril screw? You don’t need to remove the charm from the backing prior to insertion – it’s ready to insert as is after washing your hands and cleaning your jewelry.

How to Insert Push Fit Tragus and Helix Earrings

Step 1: Wash your hands and clean your jewelry prior to insertion.

Important Note: If you are going to use an autoclave, make sure you remove the charm from the push-fit post to avoid pressure build up.

Step 2: Remove the charm from the Bioflex push-fit backing by carefully pulling the two pieces away from each other while slowly twisting the charm.

Step 3: Locate the back of your piercing, and gently push the Bioflex backing through the hole – the hollow portion of the post should now be sticking out from the front of your piercing, and the flat disc should be against the back of your piercing.

Step 4: Line up the metal post on the back of the charm with the hollow portion of the Bioflex backing that is sticking out from the front of your piercing.

Important: Do not try to insert the metal post sticking out from the back of the charm into your piercing – that is the wrong way to insert this type of jewelry! The metal part on the back of the charm is too short to properly go through the piercing all of the way – it is only intended to fit fully inside of the hollow portion of the Bioflex post.

Step 5: Slowly guide the charm into the Bioflex backing – make sure you take your time, and keep the post and charm lined up straight so that the Bioflex backing does not bend. I recommend placing your thumb on the back of the Bioflex disc to provide support to the backing as you slowly push from the front with the charm.

Tip: Having trouble inserting the Bioflex post through the back of your tragus or helix piercing? Try using an appropriately sized taper to help guide it through! Insert the taper from the front of your piercing so that the tip is sticking out from the back of your piercing, line up the Bioflex post with the tip of the taper, then simply push the post through to the front while pulling out the taper.

That’s it, you’re done!

Once the jewelry is fully inserted into your piercing, make sure you have a close fit – if the post is too long for your piercing, the charm will stick out too far and it will be easier to catch on hair and clothing. If this is the case, you will need to remove the jewelry and shorten the post. You can shorten the post if needed with a clean, sharp pair of scissors.

If you’ve never used a push fit post before, it may seem tricky when you first try to insert your jewelry – but it gets easier every time you do it! I broke a few posts when I first started wearing them, but now I can insert my jewelry quickly.