The information about left and right bends in this blog post is specific to the products in my shop!¬†If you are purchasing nose jewelry from somewhere else I would highly recommend looking at their fit guide ūüôā

I have set up each product listing so that the drop-down menu selections match the example picture showing the different types of nose stud bends. So, for example, when you are looking directly at the charm, a right screw/L-bend will bend to the right, and a left screw/L-bend will bend to the left. This may be different from the way that you’re used to ordering your nose jewelry!

Which bend should I buy for my nose piercing?

Technically, either bend can be worn on either side of the nose. If you're used to wearing nostril screws that bend a specific direction, then you may find that it feels awkward or difficult to insert the opposite bend direction the first few times you try. 

Right nostril piercings: a left bend will curve toward the back of the nose, and a right bend will curve toward the tip of your nose. 

Left nostril piercings: a right bend will curve toward the back of the nose, and a left bend will curve toward the tip of your nose. 

If you're comfortable going to a piercing shop, you may find that a fishtail (straight 18mm post, no bend) gives you more flexibility. You can pay to have a piercer custom bend the stud to fit your nose perfectly in either a screw or an L-bend. I highly recommend this route for jewelry that you plan to keep for a long time and wear often.

Next to the fishtail, the second most easily customized option is an L-bend, because the direction of the bend can be altered if you made a mistake ordering, and the tail shortened without marring the metal irreversibly. So, if you aren't sure what type of bend you want, but you definitely don't want a fishtail, this is the one that I would recommend choosing!