How to Put in a Nose Hoop

Also referred to as endless rings or catch-less nose hoops, seamless nose rings are easy to open and close! If you’ve never worn an seamless ring before, I recommend practicing the motion a few times before actually trying to insert your hoop.

Steps to open and close your hoop:

  1. Using your thumb and index fingers, hold both sides of the hoop – one with each hand. The opening of the hoop should be facing up.
  2. Gently push one side of the hoop away while pulling the other side towards you in a twisting motion. Make sure you open it wide enough to insert it into your piercing, but not so wide that you distort the shape.
  3. Insert the hoop.
  4. Repeat the same twisting motion in reverse to close the hoop.

Quick Tip: After you close the hoop, the ends should join neatly together and there should not be any sharp edges. If the join doesn’t feel smooth when you run your finger over it, or it pinches after you have inserted the hoop, then you do not have the ends lined up well.

The twisting motion is very important. If you try to pull the ends of a seamless ring away from each other in a horizontal motion, then you will distort the shape of the hoop. Once this happens, the ends will never line up correctly again. Opening pliers for captive bead rings are not the right tool to use on this style of jewelry – you will ruin it!

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