Current fabrication time: 14 business days (Mon-Fri)

Current fabrication time: 14 business days (Mon-Fri)

Ornate - Custom Beaded Nose Ring Hoop

This niobium nose hoop features three tiny glass beads and two sterling silver beads for a delicate pop of color. It's completely nickel free!
  • High quality, pure unalloyed niobium hoop
  • Dainty 2mm glass beads
  • Completely smooth hoop ends for comfortable + safe insertion
  • Each bead is securely wrapped in place with wire
  • Sold individually for healed piercings
  • Choose the wrap wire (niobium or 14/20 goldfilled)

It currently takes me 14 business days to custom make your hoop.

Gauge: 20 Gauge (0.81mm)
Inner Diameter: 8mm (5/16")
Bead Color: Dark Purple