Current Fabrication Time: Approx. 4 Weeks

Custom Build Your Own Beaded Nose Hoop - Choose the Colors

Build a custom beaded nose ring by choosing your favorite 3 bead colors. The bead colors will be wrapped on to the hoop in exactly the same order that you choose them, from left to right. You can only choose colors that I already have available for sale on other hoops.

If you only write the color in your order note, and you do not specify which hoop the bead color is coming from as directed below, then I will choose which bead is used (I don't mind if that's what you'd prefer).

Instructions for Ordering: 

  1. Look at the available bead colors here: Niobium Beaded Hoops
  2. Leave me an order note during checkout in the notes box that includes each bead color you're choosing. Include the name of the hoop the bead color is coming from, as well as the position that it shows up on the hoop (left, middle, right). This helps me know exactly which color you want.
  3. Example: Peacock (name of the hoop), teal(the color), left bead (position it shows up on the hoop you're referencing)

Details about the Hoop: 

  • Made out of high quality, type-2 commercially pure niobium. Nickel-free.
  • Carefully rounded ends for comfortable and safe insertion.
  • Each bead is securely wrapped with delicate wire in your choice of metal to keep them in place.
  • You are able to move the beads to a different position on the hoop.
  • Choose the gauge and inner diameter for the perfect fit.
  • Easy to use design that twists to open and close (instructions included with your package).
Sold individually, for healed piercings only.

Crafted One at a Time

Unique body jewelry made in small batches using high quality materials and careful attention to detail.

Not sure what size you wear?

Make sure you get a good fit by measuring your piercing before ordering! Sound daunting? No worries, I'm happy to help.