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Quick Note: The bend direction that you choose will not alter the direction that the design faces, that is currently not a level of customization that I offer. The design will face exactly the same way that it is pictured.

Each nose stud listing is set up so that the drop-down selections match the example picture showing the different types of nose studs. For example, when you are looking directly at the design, a right screw/L-bend will bend to the right, and a left screw/L-bend will bend to the left. This may be different from the way that you’re used to ordering your nose jewelry!

Do I need a left or a right bend for my nose piercing? 

Technically, either bend can be worn on either side of the nose. If you're used to wearing nostril screws that bend a specific direction, then you may find that it feels awkward or difficult to insert the opposite bend direction the first few times you try. Choose the bend direction you find the most comfortable to wear!

Right nostril piercings: a left bend will curve toward the back of the nose, and a right bend will curve toward the tip of your nose. 

Left nostril piercings: a right bend will curve toward the back of the nose, and a left bend will curve toward the tip of your nose. 

If you don't mind going to a piercing shop, you will find that a fishtail (straight post, no bend) gives you the most flexibility. You can pay to have it custom bent to fit your nose perfectly. I highly recommend this route for jewelry that you plan to keep for a long time and wear often.

Quick Tip: Buying a nose stud as a gift for someone and don't know what they like to wear? I highly recommend getting a straight post so they can have the stud bent to their preference.

If you aren't sure what type of bend you want, then another good choice is an L-bend. The direction of the bend can be altered if you made a mistake ordering, and the tail shortened without marring the metal irreversibly. 

How to Measure the Gauge

Not sure how thick the post of your nose stud is? No worries, that's easy to measure at home! To find out what gauge you wear, simply use a caliper to measure how thick the stud is that you are currently wearing - the two most common gauges used for nose piercings are 18 gauge (approx. 1.0mm thick) and 20 gauge (approx. 0.81mm thick). You must use a caliper to measure the gauge. A ruler will not give you an accurate enough measurement because there's such a small difference between each gauge. 

Check the Size of the Design
I want you to love wearing your new jewelry, so please make sure the design will fit where you intend to wear it! The easiest way to do this is to measure it out on a piece of paper so that you can hold it up to your piercing to see how much space it will take up. I include how wide and tall each design is on every listing for this reason.