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How to Measure Your Nostril Piercing

Important Note: The size of your nose isn't an accurate way to guess which hoop inner diameter you wear! You can have a small nose and still need one of the largest sizes, or have a large nose and need a smaller inner diameter. The inner diameter that you wear depends on how far the piercing was placed from the edge of your nostril, which is why it's so important to measure prior to buying jewelry online.

Finding out which inner diameter you wear in nose hoops is not only really simple, but it will ensure that you get a great fitting nose ring that hugs the nostril perfectly!

The measurement that you need is the distance from the piercing hole to the edge of your nostril. Measure in a straight line from the piercing hole to the edge of your nose, don't measure at a diagonal angle. If you measure at a diagonal angle you will end up with a hoop that fits larger than you anticipated. This measurement will be the smallest inner diameter hoop that you can wear comfortably, and it will fit snugly against your nostril. The most accurate way to measure your nose piercing is to use a caliper, but you can also easily use a ruler, too. 

Quick Tip: Measure your nose piercing without your jewelry inserted. This will allow you to clearly line up the caliper or paper with the actual piercing hole.  

If you need to use a ruler to measure, don't just hold the ruler up to your nose. Instead, use a piece of paper and a ruler. Cut a small strip of paper, line the top up with your piercing hole, use a fine-tip marker or pen to mark where the edge of your nostril is on the paper, then measure the marked portion of the paper with a ruler. This is more accurate than just holding a ruler up to your nose!

To avoid the problems that come with a piece of jewelry that fits too tightly, make sure you always round up to the next whole number if the measurement you get is in between sizes. For example, if you measured a distance of 5.6mm from the piercing hole to the edge of your nose, do not buy a hoop that has a 5mm inner diameter. Instead, round up and get a hoop with a 6mm inner diameter. 

Don't forget - if you're buying a beaded nose hoop, make sure you add 1mm to the smallest inner diameter that you can wear to accommodate the size of the beads that I use!

How to Measure Your Septum Piercing

The inner diameter for a septum hoop is measured vertically inside the hoop. To find out the smallest inner diameter that you can wear measure in a straight line down from your septum piercing to the edge of your nose. The measurement you get will give you a snug fitting piece of jewelry (remember to always round up not down). The easiest way to measure your septum piercing is to use the paper and ruler method explained above.

Most of the designs I make will take up part of the inner diameter of the septum ring, and I always list this measurement in the item description. To ensure you will be able to comfortably wear the hoop, add that number to the inner diameter measurement you just took. If you typically wear a septum ring that fits closely, then you will most likely need to size up for most of my designs (you may not need to if you usually wear loosely fitting rings). 

How to Measure the Gauge

To find out which gauge you wear, use a caliper to measure how thick the stud or ring is that you are currently wearing. The two most common gauges used for nostril piercings are 18 gauge (approx. 1.0mm thick) and 20 gauge (approx. 0.81mm thick). You must use a caliper to measure the gauge, a ruler will not work for this step. If you don't have a caliper to take this measurement at home, you will need to ask a piercer to help you out with this.