Sterling Silver

All sterling silver jewelry will tarnish, becoming dull and turning dark brown or black. Sometimes, this happens very quickly depending on your individual body chemistry, your location, and how the jewelry is stored when not in use. Sterling silver is not intended for 24/7 wear (you must take it out to clean it), and should never be used in an unhealed piercing.

The following periodic maintenance will help to keep your sterling silver jewelry looking nice:

  • Sterling silver requires regular cleaning to remain shiny. 
  • Tarnish is easy to clean with a silver cleaner! Only use the dip or polish on the post of the nose stud because the stones or black details on your charm may be affected. Rinse the stud off thoroughly with soap and water, then dry it after cleaning. See my cleaning tutorial here: How to Clean Silver Nose Studs
  • The design portion of your jewelry should not be dipped in silver cleaner because the black details on the charm will be removed, as well. Instead, use a polishing pad or a polishing cloth meant for silver to restore the shine when it starts to look dull. I recommend washing your jewelry with warm, soapy water after using a polishing pad/cloth because some polishing products leave a residue behind.
  • If you shower with your sterling silver jewelry in, remember to always completely dry it afterward. I don't recommend doing this, though! Dropping the nose stud down a sink or shower drain is one of the most common ways that people lose their nose jewelry. 
  • Store your jewelry in an airtight bag with an anti-tarnish tab when not in use. The anti-tarnish tabs that I include in my packaging are good for approximately 6 months and will start to change color when they need to be replaced.

      Beaded Hoops

      Niobium beaded nose ring hoops require very little maintenance to keep them looking nice. Periodically wipe them down with a damp cloth before and after wear to remove skin oil, makeup and anything else that may have accumulated. You can also use the included polishing pad if the metal has lost it's shine - wash your jewelry with warm, soapy water after using the pad.

      Tips for keeping the beads looking nice:

      • Avoid exposing your beaded hoop to water for prolonged periods of time (bathing, swimming, etc.). Most of the glass beads are very durable and color-fast, but some of the fancy finishes may be affected by prolonged water exposure. 
      • Some chemicals can remove or alter the color of some fancy bead finishes. Ideally, apply makeup, lotion and hairspray before inserting your hoop. If you apply them while wearing your hoop just remember to wipe off the beads.
      • Briefly wiping your hoop with a damp cloth will not hurt the bead finish and will keep it looking nice.

      Sterling Silver Tops (Threaded & Pushfit) with Dark Patina

      The tops that I sell made out of sterling silver have been given a black patina to darken the recesses and highlight the raised details. Here are some tips for keeping them looking nice without removing the patina:

      • Periodically rinse your jewelry with warm soapy water to remove any build up of dirt and skin oils - a soft toothbrush works great for this!
      • Use a soft cloth to buff the raised areas until shiny
      • Use the included polishing pad, or a polishing cloth of your own meant for silver, to gently remove tarnish from the front and back side of the charm. I recommend washing the charm in warm, soapy water after using a polishing pad or cloth.

      Do not submerge the charm in a silver cleaning fluid because this will completely remove the blackened details in the recessed areas on your charm. A few quick swipes with a polishing cloth or pad is usually all it takes to make the charm look nice again!