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How should a nose ring fit?

Wearing proper fitting piercing jewelry is super important, especially when it comes to nose hoops. Too small of an inner diameter, and the jewelry will dig into your skin causing swelling and other problems with your piercing. Too large of an inner diameter, and you have a greater chance of snagging your jewelry on clothing, hair, and other objects causing it to become misshapen. Plus, it just feels awkward to have an excessively large hoop.

So, how should a nose ring fit?

The ideal fit for a nose ring is close to your nostril so that it gently hugs it. It shouldn't feel tight or uncomfortable. In fact, if it fits properly, you should barely notice that you're wearing jewelry -- unless, of course, you're wearing a heavy design!

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How Do I Get a Good Fit?

The only way to get a great fit on the first try is to measure, otherwise, you're just going to be stuck wasting money buying different sizes to try on. Measuring isn't difficult, but you may need to buy a caliper if you don't already have one.

How to Measure Your Piercing for a Nose Hoop

To figure out what size nose hoop you wear, you will need to measure the distance from your actual piercing to the edge of your nostril in millimeters. Make sure you measure in a line straight across from your piercing, not downwards at a diagonal angle. You can measure this distance in three different ways:

  1. With a caliper. This is the most accurate way to get a good measurement. Make sure you round up, though! For example, if you got a measurement of 7.7mm, do not purchase a 7mm nose hoop -- instead, buy a hoop with an 8mm inner diameter. 
  2. With a ruler. If you measure with a ruler, make sure you're using one that has millimeter markings!
  3. With a piece of paper and a ruler. This is slightly more accurate than just using a ruler alone - use a strip of paper that is a long rectangle. Line up the top of the strip of paper with your piercing, then mark wherever the edge of your nostril is on the paper. Now, you can put the piece of paper next to a ruler and measure the marked portion. 

You will obtain a better measurement if you take your nose jewelry out because it's important that you can clearly see where the hole is. Guessing on where to line up the caliper jaws, the ruler, or the piece of paper may result in your measurement being 1-2mm off -- and that's a big difference when it comes to nose jewelry!

How to Measure a Nose Hoop for Inner Diameter

Already have a nose hoop that fits you well, but you just can't remember what size it is? No problem, that's an even easier measurement to take! The inner diameter is the measurement from inside edge to inside edge - it looks like a straight line drawn horizontally across the inside of your hoop. You can measure this with either a caliper or a ruler -- just know that a caliper will give you a more accurate measurement. Having an accurate measurement is particularly desirable if you're planning on purchasing a solid gold nose ring.

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