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Crested Gecko Captive Bead Ring (LG)

This niobium septum ring features a silver crested gecko captive bead design that measures approximately 9mm (wide) x 6.9mm (tall)You can also wear this captive bead ring in conch and helix piercings. This is the larger version of the design.
  • The crested gecko bead design will take up approximately 1.5mm of the inner diameter when worn as septum jewelry, so make sure you select your hoop size accordingly! You may need to size up from your usual size.
  • Each bead is carefully antiqued and then given a hand-brushed finish to highlight the blackened details.
  • Completely nickel-free! The hoop is made out of type-2 commercially pure niobium, and the bead is made out of Argentium silver. The hoop pictured is untreated niobium. The black niobium option is given a heat treatment to darken the color, it is still pure niobium - it will come with a satin finish. 
  • All of my hoops have completely smooth ends for comfortable and safe insertion. 
Sold individually for healed piercings only.