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Fake Scarab Beetle Septum Ring

This fake septum ring features a silver scarab beetle design that measures approximately 14mm (wide) x 7.5mm (tall)

  • These septum cuffs are made out of 18 gauge wire and the inner diameter is approximately 8mm-9mm (5/16"-3/8")
  • Each design is carefully antiqued and then given a hand-brushed finish to highlight the blackened details.
  • Completely nickel-free! The hoop portion is made out of type-2 commercially pure niobium, and the design is made out of Argentium silver. Niobium is an awesome metal that's safe for people with metal sensitivities, it's virtually maintenance-free, and it won't turn your skin colors.
  • All of my fake septum hoops have completely smooth ends for comfort. 

Sold individually.