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How Do I Know What Diameter Nose Ring I Wear?

Buying nose rings online can be tricky, especially since you can’t touch or see them in person – it can be difficult to judge the size of jewelry based on pictures alone. One really important thing to remember is that the diameter you wear in nose hoops has nothing to do with how big or small your nose is! Instead, the diameter nose ring you wear is determined by how high or low your piercing was placed.

How are Nose Rings Measured?

There are three different measurements that you have to be aware of when you purchase a nose hoop:

  1. Inner diameter: The inner diameter is the measurement from inside edge to inside edge – imagine a straight line drawn horizontally through the inside of the hoop. Ideally, nose rings should be measured using inner diameter because this gives you the most accurate fit.
  2. Outer diameter: This is the measurement from outside edge to outside edge. I personally don’t like measuring nose hoops for outer diameter because I find the inner diameter gives a much more accurate fit – you will most likely receive a nose ring that fits smaller than you thought it would if you buy one measured using outer diameter. The outer diameter measurement can be useful to know in conjunction with the inner diameter because it will give you an idea of how bulky a nose ring will look.
  3. Gauge: The gauge refers to how thick the metal is on your nose ring. The most common sizes are 20 gauge and 18 gauge. Remember – the smaller the number, the thicker the metal. So, a 22 gauge nose ring is thinner than an 18 gauge nose ring.

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How Do I Measure My Nose Piercing for a Hoop?

In order to find out what inner diameter you wear in nose rings, the measurement that you will need to take is the distance from the piercing hole to the edge of your nostril – this will be the smallest inner diameter that you can wear, and it will fit snugly. If you prefer a looser fit, add 1-2mm to that measurement.

The same method of measuring can be used for an earlobe or upper ear cartilage piercing – only you would instead measure the distance from the piercing hole to the edge of your ear.

What Should I Use to Measure My Piercing?

When you are measuring your nose piercing (or any other piercing), you should ideally be using a caliper as this will give you the most accurate size – I personally prefer using a digital caliper.

Alternatively, you can also measure your nose piercing with a ruler. However, I don’t recommend just placing the ruler next to your nose!

Instead, cut a strip of paper and line up the top with your actual piercing hole. Next, use a pen or a pencil to mark where the edge of your nostril is on the paper. Now you can place the strip of paper next to a ruler and measure the part of the paper that you marked. Although this method isn’t as precise as using a caliper, it is still far more accurate than simply holding a ruler up to your piercing.

Buying Nose Ring Hoops from Metal Lotus

To purchase a nose ring from my shop, you will need to know what inner diameter you wear. To ensure there aren’t any surprises when you receive your jewelry in the mail, I always list the inner diameter and the size of any beads, stones or decorative components I use.

Quick Tip: Buying a beaded nose ring from Metal Lotus? After determining the inner diameter that you wear, I recommend adding at least 1mm to that measurement to accommodate the size of the beads.

All of the nose rings that are for sale in my shop are measured in millimeters using the inner diameter. This means that I measure from inside edge to inside edge – think of a straight line drawn horizontally across the hoop - as opposed to measuring the entire distance across the hoop.

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