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Does My Nose Ring Fit Correctly?

Having a hard time buying jewelry online for your nose piercing? You’re definitely not alone, picking out pieces that fit great without having seen them in person first is hard! If you’ve already accumulated a stash of ill-fitting pieces, then keep reading to see if you can identify why they aren’t as comfortable as you had hoped.

Quick Note: Do you have a new nose piercing? The starter jewelry that you were given is purposely selected to be a larger inner diameter or a longer length than you actually need to accommodate the initial swelling that a new piercing goes through. After the swelling subsides, you most likely will feel like your jewelry just isn’t sitting quite right. However, please resist the urge to change it too soon, unless you’re under your piercer’s guidance! You will only prolong the healing period if you start messing with it before you’re fully healed.

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Is My Nose Ring too Small?

There are three different measurements that could be too small for your nose piercing: the inner diameter of the hoop, the wearable length (or rise) of your nose stud, and the gauge. Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out if this is the problem:

  • Can you fully close the hoop? If there is a gap between the ends of your seamless (endless) ring, then you are most likely trying to wear a hoop that’s too small. Make sure you’re closing the ends correctly before deciding that this is the case. Sometimes, a gap happens if the ends aren’t twisted together properly.
  • Does your hoop make your piercing feel irritated? If you know that you can wear the metal, then irritation is usually a sign that the inner diameter of the hoop (or the length of the post) is too small. A piece that is too small will put pressure on your piercing. In addition to it feeling too tight, it will also feel like it’s slowly cutting into your skin (because it is).
  • Does the gem or charm of your nose stud constantly rotate? You may be wearing too small of a gauge. For example, if you were pierced at 18 gauge and try to wear a 22 gauge nose stud, then the jewelry will constantly spin in place because it fits loosely in the piercing hole. This can also happen with a large, top-heavy design even if you’re wearing the correct gauge.
  • Is the hoop constantly rotating? You may be wearing a hoop that is too thin for your piercing, make sure you selected the correct gauge.

Is My Nose Ring too Big?

Hoops that are too big for your nose, or a stud that is too long, will feel very uncomfortable to wear, and you will constantly feel like you’re adjusting the placement of your jewelry. Just like jewelry that is too small, a piece can be too large for your piercing in three separate ways: the inner diameter, the gauge, and the length of the stud.

  • Does your hoop constantly rotate out of place? Although this could mean that the gauge is too thin, it could also mean that you have a nose ring with too large of an inner diameter. For example, if you purchased a beaded nose hoop from me and you find that the beads are constantly falling down your nostril, then you most likely need a smaller inner diameter. You will know that you have a hoop that is too big because, in addition to rotating constantly, there will also be a noticeable space in between the hoop and your nostril.
  • Is your jewelry always catching on things? Then it most likely sticks out too far from your nostril. Finding a shorter length or a smaller inner diameter may fix this problem.
  • Does it feel like the stud or ring won’t go through your piercing? If yes, then stop! Don’t try to force it in. You most likely have a gauge that’s too thick and forcing it will damage your piercing.

If you’re picking our your new nose jewelry in person, then your piercer can help you make sure that it fits correctly. However, if you’re buying it online, then it’s super important to measure so that you get a great fit. Avoid buying a ton of hoops to try on by reading my guide on measuring your nose piercing, you can find it here: How to Measure Your Piercing for a Nose Ring

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